At Broadway Veterinary Hospital, we offer free dental estimates without an exam to any person who requests an appointment for an estimate.

When periodontal disease is present a professional dental cleaning is indicated. A dental cleaning at Broadway Veterinary Hospital includes presurgical bloodwork, a stay at our hospital for the day, iv catheter placement, fluids, pain injection(s), gas anesthesia and hand scaling and polishing, full mouth digital xrays, and medications to go home when needed. Each pet is different as to what they need after the cleaning and xrays have taken place. Some pets need extra dental work after xrays are taken to address concerns in the mouth found by the doctor. The doctors at Broadway Veterinary Hospital use Gold Standard veterinary care when it comes to cat dentistry. After surgical extractions are concluded, we take additional xrays to ensure that the full tooth root has been removed. We offer 1-3 additional free recheck appointments after the dental procedure to ensure that all has healed well in your cat's mouth.

Why Dentals at Broadway Veterinary Hospital are better:

  • You will receive a copy of the doctor's treatment plan and the costs associated with that plan. This is just an estimate. After your pet is anesthetized, the doctor will customize an exact dental plan for your pet. The doctor will always call you if there are any necessary revisions.
  • Your pet will have pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to their dentistry procedure. Blood work helps determine if their body is healthy enough to handle general anesthesia. It can also help us identify possible risk factors.
  • The morning of the procedure, we will place an IV catheter. It will be used to administer drugs and fluids. This will help maintain stable blood pressure, proper hydration and blood volume, and enable a faster recovery time.
  • We use safe, low-impact anesthetics resulting in "hangover-free" dentals.
  • Our team approach to dentistry utilizes a doctor and TWO veterinary technicians. This approach allows for maximum concentration on your pet and a well-rounded surgical team. 
  • Our veterinary technicians chart all dentition in every pet and clean the teeth to help the doctor make a tailored treatment plan for each individual pet. Every mouth is different and should be treated as such. 
  • Our hospital is outfitted with digital dental x-rays, digital multi-parameter monitoring equipment, and specialized tools specifically designed for animal dentistry. These tools allow us to provide the best possible care for your pet.
  • The veterinary technician is assigned to monitor your pet's vital signs throughout the procedure. Heart rate, heart function (via ECG), oxygenation, blood pressure, temperature, mucuous membrane color and perfusion, respiratory rate and pulses are measured constantly. All readings are recorded on an anesthetic monitoring form.
  • We use a circulating-water blanket to keep your pet warm during their procedure, resulting in lower health risk and a quicker recovery.
  • Your pet will receive a complimentary nail trim and ear exam when appropriate.
  • Our doctors are trained to perform gingival flaps and surgical extractions with a local anesthetic and pain medication. All sockets are sutured closed. These techniques are less traumatic to the bone and reduce pain and inflammation, prevent "dry socket" and decrease the healing time.
  • Our hospital is equipped with the tools to perform light-bonded sealants. Sealants repair chips and fractures of the enamel and dentin in a vital tooth before it becomes infected and requires extraction. Prevention is the BEST medicine.
  • If your pet needs extractions, they will have 1-3 free recheck appointments with your doctor to check the progress of healing and aid in home care.
  • We provide free teeth-brushing demonstrations, samples of oral health care products and advice on which tools will be the most beneficial for you and your pet.

Dental Estimate Information

The base prices for dental cleanings are as follows:

  • Cat $750.00
  • Dogs under 50 pounds $850
  • Dogs over 50 pounds $900

This price includes a pre-anesthesia exam by the doctor, the dental cleaning and polish, oral exam, full mouth x-rays, IV catheter and fluids, and anesthesia (drugs and monitoring). Any dental extractions that may be needed are not included in the prices quoted above. Extractions are charged based upon the length of time (~$100/15minute increments). Pets that undergo extractions also receive treatment and medication for pain control and are often sent home with antibiotics. This can increase the dental cost from $150-$700 (or more in some cases). Pre-anesthetic bloodwork may be required. Depending on your pet’s age and health status it can range from $104.00 to $169.00. This is in addition to the base cleaning price. In cases when a significant number of extractions are involved, your pet’s dental may be staged. This means they will need to come back on an additional day to complete the extractions. This decision is up to the veterinarian performing the dental that day. The morning of the dentistry you will be asked to acknowledge that you received an estimate and approve extractions (within the estimate). If you prefer to speak to your veterinarian first, we ask that you call several days in advance so that your pet’s dental procedure can be conducted in the safest and most punctual manner possible. If you elect to speak to the veterinarian the morning of the dental and are not available when we contact you, it may result in having to reschedule the dental extractions for another day. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Your pet will also need bloodwork before going under anesthesia. How far in advance is up to the veterinarian, but it must be complete at least one week before the procedure. If the required lab work is not completed, in house bloodwork can be completed at an additional cost. Bloodwork does not require another doctor’s exam. Simply schedule an appointment with the vet techs and a technician can collect the necessary samples.

Why does my pet's dental procedure estimate cost so much? Is there anything that is not required?

At Broadway Veterinary Hospital we pride ourselves on offering the gold standard of veterinary medicine. If we wouldn't feel comfortable doing a dental procedure on our pets, then we certainly wouldn't feel comfortable doing one on your pets. Here at Broadway Veterinary Hospital, we always have one technician monitoring your pet's vitals the entire time your pet is anesthetized. Other hospitals use this same technician to clean the teeth while monitoring your pet's vitals. That's just not safe! We also always do full mouth x-rays on every pet. It is just good medicine for your pet. We don't cut corners on your pet's veterinary medicine to cut costs. You can always rest assured that at Broadway Veterinary Hospital, your pet is getting the top-of-the-line veterinary medicine for anesthetic procedures. With that being said, everything we put on a surgical or dental estimate is what we would do for our own pets. If we were to cut something off of that estimate, it would be decreasing the quality of your pet's veterinary medicine and risking your pet's life in doing so. We don't put unnecessary services on our estimates. If something is optional, this will always be mentioned. Ignoring a problem in your pet's mouth due to cost is not going to help your pet in the long run. Dental estimates only grow more expensive with time if the problem teeth are not addressed. Please ask us about promotional payment programs through Care Credit or ScratchPay if financial concerns are restraining you from adhering to your veterinarian's recommendations for your pet's health.

I'm worried about my pet going under anesthesia. Is anesthesia risky?

There are risks with any anesthesia procedure however at Broadway Veterinary Hospital we are vigilant in monitoring your pet's vitals and always have an iv catheter placed for emergency situations. We pre-screen with bloodwork to make sure that your pet is going to be able to process the drugs through the organs without complications. We do around 7 dental procedures per week and our doctors are very experienced. You can always trust our doctors to ensure your pet is getting the best veterinary medicine in Boise.

Why can't I just brush my pet's teeth?

Brushing your pet's teeth is recommended daily! A C.O.H.A.T. is recommended once a year in addition to regular at-home pet dental care. Your veterinarian is here to ensure your pet receives the best quality and quantity of life possible. Just like humans, pets need to visit their dentist for x-rays and cleaning once a year except their dentist is also their veterinarian and anesthesiologist. If your pet does not receive at-home pet dental care like brushing the teeth daily, then it is imperative to your pet's health and longevity that you adhere to your veterinarian's recommendation of a professional dental cleaning once a year. Dental disease if left unattended can result in problems with your pet's liver, kidneys, and heart! Broadway Veterinary Hospital recommends dental cleanings because Broadway Vet Loves Your Pet.

We pride ourselves in always offering the gold standard of veterinary medicine because Broadway Veterinary Hospital loves your pet! Please call us you have any further questions or are ready to schedule your pet's dental cleaning procedure at (208) 344-5592.

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