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What your vet wishes you knew.. Why you should call ahead for a pet emergency.

May 12, 2022

What your vet wishes you knew… Why you should call ahead when you are having a pet emergency.

This week we want to explain why it is important to call ahead when you have a pet emergency. We have had a couple situations where owner's rush in and do not notify us when they are on their way. We want to let you know why it is beneficial for your pet if you do let us know in advance (even a couple minutes before arrival).

Here are a few reasons:

If you call in advance, we can be prepared for your pet's arrival. Depending on your pet's approximate size we can have a rolling exam table waiting with the proper number of technicians on standby to safely handle your pet. We have our crash cart that has many life saving medications in it, near the entrance we direct you to meet us at with calculations made based on your pet's weight so we can administer them even quicker.

During times like these, we can direct the doctor and their technicians to get on their PPE so they do not need to lose precious time once you get here.

We can also have the proper tools ready for treatment, like oxygen with the proper size mask or towels and other necessary items depending on the type of emergency.

So if at all possible, please give us a few minutes notice prior to your arrival if an emergency occurs with this information: your name and pets name (especially if you are a client), your pets approximate size or weight, what happened (bit by a snake, hit by a car, or collapsed while playing) and finally, how far away you are because it can be a world of difference for your pet's emergency treatment.

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