Comprehensive Care for Your Pets

When you choose Broadway Veterinary Hospital, you can be confident that your pet will receive the highest level of care from our professionals. Our veterinarians offer a wide variety of medical services to keep your pet completely healthy.
  • Exotics care
  • Critical care unit
  • In-house lab
  • In-house medications
  • Respiratory care
  • Digital radiography
  • Internal medicine
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Dental surgery
  • Digital dental radiography

Helpful and Caring Veterinarians

Learn more about our dedicated veterinarians and the love they have for all pets. We also provide some helpful tips on how to care for your pets. If you have questions for our vets, simply ask away!

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Caring Veterinarians

General Animal Wellness

Broadway Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of services to ensure the health of your pet. From everyday needs like cheat grass removals and nail trims to highly difficulty procedures including knee surgery or broken bone plating, we’re here for your pet’s needs.
caring veterinarians

Senior Wellness

There is nothing better you can do for your pet’s health than to have it examined at least annually and sometimes every six months by your other family doctor, their veterinarian. Our pet ages significantly faster than we do and routine examination and testing is the best way to help prevent diseases of the aging pet.

With testing, we can monitor changes in kidney function, liver function, thyroid and other endocrine systems. A complete exam will allow the team at our hospital to monitor your pet’s weight, hair coat, joint pain and dental health.

We also recommend annual examination of your pet’s eyes, heart and parasite levels. All of these potential problems can be slowed with early detection in the senior pet.
Caring Veterinarians

Preventative Care for Pets

Common diseases of pets that are easy to prevent include all of the viral and bacterial diseases we routinely vaccinate for. For dogs, these include Rabies, Kennel Cough, Parvovirus, Distemper, and many other diseases.

In cats, we’re also concerned about Rabies as well as several upper respiratory diseases, Distemper and the cat equivalent to Parvovirus called Panleukopenia.

Early detection of disease is an important part of preventative care and as pets age, they will need more early detection including blood work and other diagnostic testing based on their individual needs. With routine visits, we can design a plan for your pet that fits your pet’s specific needs.

Dental Care for Pets

Dental health is and has been one of the most overlooked portions of overall good health in both dogs and cats. Disease in your pet’s mouth is not only often painful but also can have serious general health implications.

The bacteria that live in the mouth that cause dental disease can also have a significant impact on other organs in your pet. Patients that have kidney or heart disease is especially at risk if they also have dental disease.

At Broadway Veterinary Hospital, we have the most advanced tools to diagnose and treat dental diseases including digital radiography, ultrasonic scaler and bonded sealants. The doctors all use the most current techniques to decrease pain and increase the speed of recovery. Visit us for your pet's dental care needs.

Diagnostic Imaging and Resources

At Broadway Veterinary Hospital, our doctors used the updated digital radiography equipment to diagnose your pet’s problems more quickly and efficiently. In addition to this specialized equipment, we have the capability to consult directly with a Board Certified Radiologist to assist with complex cases.

If necessary, we provide can provide Ultrasound services typically the same or the next day. We also utilize Antech Diagnostics, a veterinary specific laboratory. 

With sample pickups 6 days a week, we can more rapidly diagnose and as a result, treat your pet more rapidly. Most of our lab work include specialized testing, everything from vaccination titres to biopsy of tumors.

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgeries for Pets

Our doctors are all skilled soft tissue surgeons. Everything from routine surgeries like spays and neuters to more complex surgeries like foreign body removals and liver lobectomies are performed frequently by our doctors.

Other more specialized surgeries are performed by our skilled team including ear crops, soft palate resections, perianal fistula repair etc. 

Dr. Caldwell is skilled with several orthopedic procedures including TTA for Cranial Cruciate rupture, traumatic fracture repair and some congenital abnormality repair. Please consider us for all of your pet’s surgical needs.

Exotic Surgery and Medicine

At Broadway Veterinary Hospital, we’re happy to see your other household pets! Whether it’s furry, scaly or covered in feathers, our skilled doctors are capable of handling your pet’s needs.

From routine maintenance like beak and wing trims and more complex issues like feather plucking to tumor removal, all of the doctors at Broadway Veterinary Hospital are confident and capable of helping your family member.
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