Check Out the Videos of Our Pet Treatment Procedures

Below are a few samples of the procedures that have been conducted at Broadway Veterinary Hospital. Our highly skilled professionals can confidently perform these medical services with love and care for your pets to ensure their safe recovery to full health. You can visit us at 350 East Linden Street for your pet's treatment needs. Get in touch with us for more details!

Instructional Nail Trim

An example of a nail trim performed by our Dental Technician, Tom.

Cascade Eye Surgery

This is an entropion correction eye surgery performed
by Dr. Dawn Sessions.

CAUTION: Graphic I-images may not be appropriate for all viewers.

Laser Dental

This is an example of feline teeth cleaning with extractions.
CAUTION: View discretion is advised.

Interested in learning how to brush your pet's teeth at home? Visit our Instagram page to see Daphne and Augie show you how it's done!

Baby Bunny Bandage Change

Browse through this page to see Baby Bunny's full story.

Bot Fly Removal

Performed by Dr. Dawn Sessions.
CAUTION: Graphic images may not be appropriate for all viewers.
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