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The Bordetella vaccine is a vaccine to protect against Bordetella Bronchiseptica. Bordetella Bronchiseptica causes inflammation in the upper respiratory system which leads to coughing and secondary infections. Most veterinary professionals commonly call the vaccine Kennel Cough. The term Kennel Cough encompasses a multitude of different highly contagious upper respiratory diseases. Kennel cough is not fatal but can lead to bronchopneumonia or chronic bronchitis in immunocompromised dogs. Kennel cough is spread by aerosol droplets spread through direct contact of pet to pet or from infected surfaces to pets. It is most likely to be picked up in areas where dogs commonly congregate like grooming facilities, boarding facilities, dog training classes or the dog park (even the Green Belt). Despite kennel cough being highly contagious, it is also usually easily treatable. The most likely treatment for kennel cough is rest, antibiotics and cough medicine but be sure to consult your veterinarian because some cases are treated more aggressively than others. We carry two types of Bordetella vaccines here at Broadway Vet and they are the oral vaccine and the injectable vaccine.

Some boarding facilities and grooming facilities have different requirements for the bordetella vaccine. For example, some facilities require the nasal or injectable bordetella but do not allow the oral vaccine. Another facility requires a 6 month bordetella vaccine booster. Some boarding facilities' vaccine protocol go against the label recommendations of our carried bordetella vaccines but can be done upon the request of the owner. Also there are boarding facilities now require the influenza vaccines. To learn more about the canine influenza vaccines, please visit us here . Be sure to let us know what type of social activities your dog goes to and check with those facilities for vaccine requirements prior to your appointment to update your pet's vaccines.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to update your pet's Bordetella Vaccine before its time to go boarding.

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