Food Trial Elimination Instructions

Food trial eliminations can be tedious and require lots of time and effort.

Here are some tips to ensure the best results for your pet.

  • Have your veterinarian pick a food for your pet - Usually Royal Canin Ultamino. Please feed for 8-12-weeks, or as directed by your veterinarian. Do not give any treats, flavored medications, supplements, or dental products unless approved by your veterinarian. You may use the diet provided mixed with warm water and make treats or pill pockets using ice cube trays and freezing that mixture.
  • Make sure to wash your pet’s bowl and measuring cup with dishwashing liquid after EVERY meal and rinse thoroughly.
  • Keep a separate bowl and measuring cup for each pet’s food. If this is not able to be done try feeding one pet first before preparing any other pet’s food.
  • Do not leave your pets’ food down between meals to prevent snacking from each other’s bowls or cross-contamination as food particles can be carried through saliva.
  • Communicate with all family members and anyone in contact with your pet (neighbor, friends, etc.) to understand the risk of feeding snacks to your pet during this trial period.
  • When your pet goes on walks you can basket muzzle train so they can’t pick up random items found on your walk. Also, watch for when they go to the bathroom outside as they might try to eat something found in the backyard.
  • Keep the bag of special diet food in a sealed container between meals and store it in a clean, dry environment. For added protection, place the bag inside a food container, but do not pour out the contents of the bag into the container. This is to ensure outside allergens do not affect or contaminate the food.
  • Wash your hands well before handling your pet's food.
  • Allow 5-7 day transition period from current diet to new diet. Make sure to keep their current diet handy for diet changes later. (Later instructions for that process)
  • Food trial starts only when your pet is 100% on the new prescription diet
  • Keep a journal, calendar, or something to keep notes on how your pet is doing during the trial. Great things to write down for your vet would be:
  • How does the skin look? Less flaky? Has redness gone?
  • Does your pet continue to itch?
  • Does your pet's bowel movements decrease? Normal consistency? Flatulence decrease?
  • Does your pet smell improve? Less yeasty?

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