Cat Wellness Care

Cat Wellness Care

We are open 7 days a week until 7 PM
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East Linden Street.
It is important that you cat receives wellness care annually with his or her veterinarian. With annual wellness care, you can often prevent and correct problems before they become critical to your cat's health. Even if your cat seems totally healthy to a pet owner, there have been instances where a veterinarian has found medical problems that were not visible to the owner. If found early, often problems are easily treatable and can often extend the cat's life by years versus if the problem was found later into critical issues. For cats, here are the wellness treatments recommended:

1. Yearly exams ($49.00)
2. Feline Viral Screening ($65.00)
3. Fecal Testing ($48.50)
4. Vaccinations (FELV $27, FVRCP $18, Rabies $18)
5. Flea and Tick Prevention (price varies on weight of cat)
6. Bloodwork (for cat's over 7 years old- prices vary)

Please give us a call to schedule your cat's yearly wellness appointment. We are open 7 days a week until 7pm for your feline friend. We are a cat friendly hospital with separate cat entrances and cat rooms. We are very happy to help maintain your cat's health year round. 

Call us at 208-344-5592

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