Cat Spay Surgery

Cat Spay Surgery

We are open 7 days a week until 7 PM
Visit us at 350 
East Linden Street.
At Broadway Vet, we are a cat friendly facility. We have separate dog and cat entrances and separate cat and dog rooms. We will do anything within our capabilities to help your cat's visit be as less stressful as possible. 

We are very familiar with the procedure to spay cats here at Broadway Vet and often do many spay procedures every week. Our doctors are very experienced and we offer Gold Standard service for surgical spay procedures. Your cat will receive the top off the line veterinary medicine here at Broadway Vet. We include in our Spay Package the following; exam, iv catheter and fluids, pain injection, gas anesthesia, e-collar, and take home pain medications. Bloodwork is recommended prior to surgery to make sure that anesthesia will be handled well by your cat's internal organs. (Bloodwork cost is $88.00 if done days prior to surgery or $105 if bloodwork is done in house the same day)

Feline spay package costs:

Under 1 year old = $250.00

Over 1 year old = $250.00

What to expect for your cat spay procedure. Normally cats are dropped off in the morning on the day of surgery (sometime between 7:30am to 9am.) You will need to prepare for 10-15 minutes of paperwork at drop off time. The doctor may be at your drop off appointment to go over the procedure and answer your questions if necessary. After surgery is complete, your veterinarian will call you to let you know that surgery is complete and pick up time. Pick up time is usually between 4pm to 6pm but the doctor does let you know exactly what time to pick up during the after surgery phone call. When you pick up a technician will go over take home instructions and you will also receive a written discharge instruction pamphlet. Your cat will need to be monitored that evening but should be normal by the next morning. You will need to restrict extreme exercise for 10-14 days after surgery until suture removal and also your cat should not get wet during that time as well. After suture removal, your cat may return to normal routine.
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