Cat Orthopedic Surgery

Cat Orthopedic Surgery

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Broadway Vet is your locally owned, cat friendly vet hospital. We have had Dr. Marc Caldwell working here since 2008 who is trained and ready to take care of your cat's orthopedic surgery needs. Broadway Vet offers Gold Standard of care when it comes to surgery on your cat. There is no need to worry when you entrust our hospital and doctors for the care of your cat. Fixing fractures, removing damaged parts and repairing torn muscles are the types of surgeries that Dr. Marc Caldwell can perform here at Broadway Vet. We will help you prepare your cat for surgery by scheduling you a consultation directly with Dr. Caldwell. We will run presurgical bloodwork and presurgical radiographs prior to surgery to assess if your cat is a good candidate for surgery. The morning of surgery, you will be intaked by Dr. Caldwell himself to ensure all questions are answered prior to surgery. He will be in contact with you at every step. When surgery is complete, Dr. Caldwell will go over discharge instructions with you directly and send you home with clear, understandable written instructions. Adhering closely to post-operational instructions helps your cat recover from the operation as quickly as possible.

Types of Orthopedic Surgeries Offered:

ACL Repair
Bone Anchor
Fracture Repair
FHO- Femoral Head Ostectomy
Plate Removal

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