Cat Ophthalmology Treatment

Cat Ophthalmology Treatment

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Our feline friends are always welcome at Broadway Vet. Broadway Vet is a cat friendly veterinary hospital. We offer separate cat rooms and a cat entrance. We are open 7 days a week until 7pm for our cat patients. 

Are you worried about your cat's eye(s)?

Does your cat have an eye that is squinty? Is there an excessive amount of discharge coming from your cat's eye(s)? Does your pet try to scratch at his or her eye(s)? Broadway Vet has doctors that able to examine and treat common eye problems in cats. We have the diagnostic equipment to evaluate the eye of your cat including opthalmoscopes, tonometry testing (measuring intraocular pressure), Schirmer tear testing (dry eye testing), and fluorescent eye stain testing. Our goal is that you are well educated and have a clear understanding about your pet's eye condition. We will provide a diagnosis, describe the ocular condition in clear and understandable terms, and we will discuss recommended medications and treatment instructions to you. Our doctors do have the knowledge and capabilities if your cat requires eye enucleation surgery however it is always the doctor's priority to try to help heal and salvage the pet's eye before surgery. Our doctors can perform cherry eye surgery as well. Eye conditions usually worsen with time so it is important to call your veterinarian as soon as a eye issue is seen.

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