Cat Health Certificate for Travel

Cat Health Certificate for Travel in the United States

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Are you traveling to another state in the United States with your pet? Are you flying to another state with your pet? Some airlines require a Cat Health Certificate to fly with your cat. We can help you prepare to fly with your cat here at Broadway Vet. All of our doctors are accredited and able to sign your cat health certificate required for flying in the United States. Please call your airline to make sure that a health certificate is required. All health certificates for traveling in the United States are only valid for 10 days. A rabies certificate is required to fill out the certificate and complete it. We will also need to know an address for your travel destination. You can also discuss if there is a need for sedation medication for your cat for travel at your appointment. We carry the medication here at Broadway Vet if there is a need for it so you don't have to make an extra stop to a pharmacy. We are open 7 days a week and are able to help your cat travel to your desired destination. Give us a call to schedule your appointment now.

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