Cat Dermatology Treatment

Cat Dermatology Treatment

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Feline Skin Issues and Treatment

Our feline friends are always welcome at Broadway Vet. Broadway Vet is a cat friendly veterinary hospital. We offer separate cat rooms and a cat entrance. We are open 7 days a week until 7pm for our cat patients.

Here are a few dermatology issues that your cat could suffer from and the treatments we offer at Broadway Vet.

Ringworm- Ringworm is a skin parasite that shows up as skin lesions often in round circles on the pet's skin. Ringworm is contagious to other pets and to humans. We carry the testing equipment to check for ringworm here and also the medication to treat ringworm.

Allergy- food allergy, atopy, insect hypersensitivity (especially fleas) often present as rashes on the skin. There may be hair loss also associated with these issues. We have the equipment to diagnose these issues and the medications to treat them as well.

Infection- infections of the skin are commonly seen on our feline friends with purulent discharge around the affected area.  Cytology under a microscope can help determine which medications the doctor should send home to treat the infection.

Fleas/Mites/Lice- Skin parasites are easy to diagnose here at Broadway Vet because we have the equipment to find the microscopic organisms easily. We also have the medications in hospital to treat them as well.

There are other dermatology issues that cats can suffer from but have not been mentioned at this time. Give us a call if you have any questions about our ability to treat your feline friend's skin issues at 208-344-5592.
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