Cat Arthritis Treatment

Cat Arthritis Treatment

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Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that causes pain and inflammation in a cat's joints. Felines suffering from arthritis are hardly diagnosed or treated because cats tend to hide their pain due to their instincts from the wild. You might see some stiffness, limping, swelling of the joint, discomfort when pet or handled, decreased activity, hesitancy to run or jump. Cats will rarely vocalize their pain unless they are in extreme pain. 

Arthritis is a natural part of the aging process but can also develop due to injury and excessive weight. Arthritis is diagnosed by a physical exam and radiographs. We have digital radiography with a very clear view of images here at Broadway Vet. Arthritis can be treated here as well. We carry Dasuquin joint supplements to help replenish the cartilage in the joints. We also carry pain medications that can be given orally as needed for painfulness. 

One thing that may help arthritis would be weight loss. Your veterinarian can help you diagnose and treat your kitty for arthritis here at Broadway Vet.

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