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What your vet wishes you knew.. Why you should buy pet medications from your veterinarian.

January 12, 2022

What your vet wishes you knew.. Why you should buy pet medications through your veterinarian.

There just is no way for Broadway Veterinary Hospital to compete with online pet pharmacies prices. Online pharmacies prices are sometimes less than Broadway Veterinary Hospital can purchase directly from the manufacturer of the products we carry. We are seeing so many online pharmacy requests, it is really important to talk about why cutting the cost of pet medications by buying through online pet pharmacies may actually be detrimental to your pet's health. Take for example, Bravecto. Bravecto can be bought sometimes for half the cost at an online pharmacy… However, the manufacturer (Merck Animal Health) actually tells Broadway Veterinary Hospital that they don't sell Bravecto to online pharmacies. They only sell their product to veterinarians! So how did the online pharmacy get this Bravecto they are selling for so cheap? Good question! The manufacturer of Bravecto will tell you that some veterinarians will purchase extra product in bulk and sell it to online pharmacies like Chewy or 800-Petmeds. This is called the "Grey Market." Doesn't the "Grey Market '' sound just like the type of place that any pet owner might want to purchase their pet medications, right? It is not a surprise that lawsuits are constant in the online pharmacy industry for selling counterfeit and expired pet medications to pet owners. (here's a couple When it comes down to the quality control of the products sold from online pharmacies, guess what sources say… The results show the product sometimes is not even in the medication sold or the product is even harmful to pets instead ( That's a scary thought for pet owners. One fun fact for pet owners about Online Pharmacies, the majority are based out of southern Florida. The reason why they are based out of Florida is because they get their products from overseas! That means the products that online pharmacies sell are mostly from other countries. Pharmacy laws for safety and quality control in other countries are completely different than the United States. So how can a pet owner guarantee their pet will get the right medication and it won't be harmful to their pet? Well, it comes down to you pay for what you get. If you buy from a veterinarian, even though the price is higher than the online pharmacies, the product manufacturer actually guarantees the product safety and quality. That guarantee goes for all the medications purchased at Broadway Veterinary Hospital. The safety and quality of the medication is guaranteed no matter what. Every medication that leaves the door at Broadway Veterinary Hospitalhas been double checked for quality control. Rest assured that profits that come from pet medications sold at Broadway Veterinary Hospital keep our office open 7 days a week until 7pm helping pets in need. We want to make sure that your pet gets the right medication because Broadway Veterinary Hospital Loves Your Pet.

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