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What your vet wishes you knew.. Why we decided not to offer"Wellness Plans"

October 13, 2021

What your vet wishes you knew.. Why we decided not to offer "Wellness Plans"

Some other veterinarians in the Treasure Valley offer "Wellness Plans." We want to take the time to explain why Broadway Veterinary Hospital does not offer a "Wellness Plan." A lot of veterinarians who do offer Wellness plans are owned and run by corporations. Broadway Veterinary Hospital is locally owned by Dr. Dawn and Stan Sessions. Corporate veterinarians are different than Broadway Veterinary Hospital because corporate veterinarians are required to practice pet medicine in a very specific way to keep the experience of the pet owner the same no matter which office they see. In a corporate veterinarian practice, every pet is supposed to receive the same medical care no matter what. At Broadway Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Dawn Sessions believes that every veterinarian should have the choice to evaluate each pet separately and determine what each pet needs based on each pet's life style. A pet that lives in downtown Boise may need something completely different than the ranch dog that lives in the mountains. And a dog that goes to doggie daycare may need something much different than the older couch potato senior dog. At Broadway Veterinary Hospital, we want to evaluate your specific pet's life style. We want to know what kind of activities your pet does and where your pet travels so that we can give your pet the medical care it needs based on what your pet specifically needs. A "Wellness plan" is a medical plan that includes everything that the corporate vet thinks a basic pet needs without taking into consideration what the pet's lifestyle might render not needed and may not include something a well-traveled pet does need. "Wellness Plans" are a marketing idea that makes it seem like it includes everything your pet needs for a monthly price but really what you are paying for in that monthly fee is basic veterinary care designed for a broad range of pets lifestyles. We do understand that paying for everything all at once can be difficult though and the "pay-per-month" makes the actual visit much less financially painful. We can set up regular payments like this on your account for you if that is something you would like and accept payment plans like Scratch Pay and Care Credit. Feel free to call and discuss those options or any of this blog with our front desk team members. Let us take care of your pet based on what your pet really needs because Broadway Veterinary Hospital Loves Your Pet.

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